64 Reasons

#1 Faith

Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst is the story of an iconic heroine, and you get to run many miles in her shoes, experiencing her origin story through her eyes. One of the best Runners in Glass, Faith Connors possesses peak athletic skills as well as vast knowledge of the city districts. Though self-assured and edgy, Faith has a troubled past and her fight is not just a fight against the Conglomerate. Learn more about Faith

#2 Unique first-person movement

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, momentum is your weapon. Do daring jumps between rooftops or stylish slides through tight spaces. Hit top speed quickly zipping down wire lines. Balance on pipes before smoothly dropping to a hang before climbing, hand over hand, under an obstacle. Learn more

#3 Fluid Combat

Sometimes, running is not enough. Deliver devastating full body Heavy Traversal Attacks that throw your opponents stumbling into walls, over railings, and into each other. Use your momentum to flow right through KrugerSec as you string together a series of Light Traversal Attacks, building focus and keeping speed. Learn more

#4 A Thrilling Story

A pristine city, ruled by a ruthless Conglomerate. Faith, a skilled Runner reluctantly drawn into an anti-Conglomerate struggle. The story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has surprises around every corner, and you are at the center of it all. Learn more

#5 Explore the City of Glass

Glass has a shiny surface but many dark secrets lie behind its exterior. The city is vast, and you will get to explore its many districts as you take on the game’s missions. Explore Glass on the 3D Map


#6 Stellar Visuals

Armed with the powerful Frostbite 3 engine and the industry’s finest graphical designers, DICE has created yet another visual masterpiece in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The next-gen graphics will bring both Faith and the city alive in high detail.

#7 Unlock new Attacks and Moves

You’ll quickly add new moves to your repertoire as you gain experience as a Runner. Spend your Upgrade Points on Movement, Combat, or Gear upgrades and learn techniques like the Skill Roll or increased Traversal Damage.

MAG Rope

#8 Using the MAG Rope

Ready to swing? The MAG Rope is a device worn on Faith’s forearm that can latch on to specific points in the world, letting you swing over gaps that are too long to jump across. There are upgrades for the MAG Rope that Faith will acquire through the people she meets as her story progresses.

Learn more


#9 Meet the Runners

In a city like Glass, this is the faction you want to be part of. The Runners are a special group of voluntary offGrids who’ve decided not to be part of the Conglomerate machine. Living on the rooftops and grouping together in tight-knit Cabals they race across the urban landscapes, performing burglaries and courier jobs for those willing to pay. Learn more

#10 Take on Time Trials

Show the world who’s the best Runner around. Connecting and challenging players, the Time Trials are races set among the rooftops of Glass, created by other players. Give them a shot and see how high you can get on the leaderboards.

#11 …and Create Your Own

Feeling creative? Make your own Time Trial races and share them with the world.

Learn more


#12 Take on the Sentinel

Watch out if you cross paths with this one. The Elite level of KrugerSec, the Sentinel represent the highest trained enemy you will face in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The Sentinels are fast, tenacious, and quick to deliver punishment. Learn more

#13 Access The Beat

As a Runner, you’ll get access to The Beat - a software that piggybacks onto The Grid, the “Internet” of the city of Glass. The Beat provides navigational hints as well as encrypted communication channels which the Conglomerate has yet to gain access to. Learn more

Black November

#14 Meet Black November

As you get deeper into the story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you’ll cross paths with Black November, a resistance movement constantly hunted by KrugerSec. Black November do what they can to terrorize the authorities and incite a general revolution among the employs. Learn more

#15 Use Disrupt

KrugerSec bothering you? Stun them for a short while by disrupting their communication systems. The Disrupt upgrade utilizes Faith’s beatLink and the MAG Rope’s power source to execute a military grade communications hack.

#16 Accept Delivery Missions

As you explore Glass, its citizens will sometimes call for your attention and hand out Delivery Missions of all kinds. Learn about the lives of the employs of Glass, but whether you’re challenged to deliver a love memento or stolen corporate secrets, you need to be fast and careful enough in order to claim your reward.


#17 Dashes

If you think you’re fast enough, you can take on the challenging Dashes designed by DICE and try to find the optimal route using your fluid movement. Learn more about Dashes

#18 Discover the History of Cascadia

The lore behind the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst world is rich and detailed. Playing the game and visiting Mirrorsedge.com will let you deep-dive into the nation’s history and learn about the key events that shaped it.

#19 World-Class Audio

The sound design in Mirror's Edge Catalyst will fully immerse you in the city of Glass. The award-winning sound team at DICE has created a soundscape true to the character of Faith and the world she runs in. Have a listen

#20 Noah

At the start of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith reunites with the brooding Noah, Faith’s mentor and one of the most powerful elders of the Runner cabals. Noah loves Faith as if she was his own and he has raised her to be prepared for a harsh world where softness can be lethal. Learn more

#21 Day and Night Cycle

How does a metropolis like Glass look, sound, and feel like when nighttime falls? Watch the Dev Diary above - or simply get Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to find out.

#22 Join the Community

Amazing fan art, great discussions, and a chance to meet new Runner friends. The Mirror’s Edge Catalyst community is something you’d like to join. Hit the forums

#23 Go Downtown

Located in the very center of Glass, Downtown stands as the proud modernized center of the city. Running among its rooftops and exploring the Runners’ Lair will be a true thrill. Learn more

#24 GridLeaks

Strewn across the city you’ll find yellow, orb-like items called GridLeaks. Make sure to collect as many of these as you can to get extra XP points.

Solar Fields

#25 The Dynamic Soundtrack by Solar Fields

Run to the ambient music – and hear how your actions will adapt and evolve based on how you play the game. Fan-favorite composer Solar Fields is returning to create the dynamic soundtrack of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Listen to the soundtrack

#26 The Grappling Tip

Using the MAG Rope is not just about swinging. When you’ll get hold of the Grappling Tip, you can use its hook extensions to pierce and grab certain objects in the city. For instance, grab and pull out a panel, then quickly jump off it before the panel retracts again. Learn more


#27 Gabriel Kruger

The ruthless head of KrugerSec is best not messed with. Kruger’s contempt for those living off the Grid is palpable and his hatred for the resistance, whom he relentlessly hunts, is immense. But within Kruger there are also feelings of conflict and guilt, stemming from the death of a loved one.


#28 The Corporations

Making your way through Glass, you’ll come across the corporations of the ruthless Conglomerate, who rule supreme. Their billboards are seen on almost every building and they serve to fuel the desire and aspirations of the regular citizens, while also adding to the glossy face of the Conglomerate exterior. Learn more

#29 Birdman

Birdman was a Runner long before there was a word for it. At first, it was simply a way for him to get around, but when the Conglomerate began to reshape Glass he saw his way of life threatened and started doing runs for the resistance. He came to inspire others, which in turn gave rise to the cabals. Though he still runs occasionally, he is now way past his prime and contemplation and pigeon-feeding have become a higher priority. Learn more

#30 Place a Beat L.E.

For a thrilling treasure hunt in the city, place a Beat L.E. - or Beat Location Emitter - for friends and other Runners to find. Place it in plain sight or on a hard-to-reach place where only the best can find it. You can also go looking for the Location Emitters yourself. Learn more

#31 Stylistic Design

The clean, futuristic look of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is unique and instantly recognizable. And as you explore more of Glass, you’ll see the variety of the environments.

#32 Escape a KrugerSec Alert

KrugerSec personnel are always on the lookout for those breaking the peace and if you are considered a high enough threat, a KrugerSec Alert state is triggered. During an alert, K-Sec troops, VtoLs, gunships, and even hunter drones will be deployed to take you down.

#33 Master Shift

If you want to be a master Runner, practice Shift. This move lets you gain speed faster and move sideways in any direction. Also, if you’re running and are approaching a 90-degree turn, you can turn slightly towards the turn and activate a Sideshift to make a sharper turn. Learn more

#34 CHVRCHES “Warning Call”

Scottish electronic trio CHVRCHES has contributed to the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst soundtrack with an explosive pop tune created exclusively for the game. “Warning Call” is one of the band’s best work to date. Learn more about music in Mirror's Edge Catalyst

#35 Use Zip Lines

The sense of speed and freedom comes to a climax when using the zip lines between the rooftops of Glass. Hit top speed quickly zipping down these wire lines - and why not knock out a K-Sec or two when landing?

#36 Keep Your Focus

Keep running and you’ll survive. Focus is gained from free running, and with the Focus Shield, Faith cannot be hit by enemies. Focus is lost from low speed and being attacked, so it is essential to maintain a balance of out-traversing opponents and engaging them directly. Learn more

#37 No Guns

We know that you’re up for a true challenge in first person, where your only weapons are your free running and combat skills. Guns are not Faith’s way, and you’ll quickly find out she won’t need them no matter how dangerous the KrugerSec troops are.

Sky City

#38 Sky City and The Shard

As the ultimate achievement of Conglomerate architectural ingenuity, Sky City stretches to the clear skies – a tangible reminder of the rewards to be reaped for those willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Find The Shard on the 3D Map

#39 Dogen

As Mirror’s Edge Catalyst kicks off, you’ll learn that Faith has a big debt to pay off to Dogen. As you get to learn more about him, you’ll see that this black market and contraband tycoon cares mostly about money and mischief. Conflicts between the city factions hold no interest to him beyond a steady source of income. Dogen can always be trusted to get a job done, but he shows allegiance to no-one but himself. Learn more

Runner Tag

#40 Design Your Runner Tag

Make your mark on the world. When you hack a billboard or get a score on the leaderboards, your Runner Tag will be displayed. To create your own, personal Runner Tag, head to Mirrorsedge.com or the Mirror’s Edge Companion app and use emblems, backgrounds, and shapes to create your masterpiece.

#41 Tapping Grid Nodes

In the hi-tech information society that is Glass, massive amounts of data is constantly shuffled around The Grid. All of this data moves through massive Router hubs called “Grid Nodes”. Dangerous, and not designed for human access, navigating the alien interior and tapping a Grid Node has become the ultimate demonstration of a Runner’s ability. Will you succeed?

#42 Explore the Omnistat Tunnels

What few people know is that below Glass lie the remnants of a vast tunnel complex, once part of a gigantic OmniStat desalination plant. Nobody knows the full extent of this subterranean network. All entrances are off limits to regular employs, and even KrugerSec personnel tend to stay away. As a Runner, you could probably find your way in, though… Learn more

#43 The Mirror’s Edge Companion

As a Runner, you’re often on the move. But the Mirror’s Edge Companion lets you bring the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst with you on the go. Available at game launch for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, the Companion app is tied to your Runner profile and lets you keep track of your in-game progress, customization, and game news.

Hack a billboard

#44 Hack a Billboard

Tear down the corporate propaganda and harsh reminders of KrugerSec's presence. If you are a skilled Runner, you can reach the billboards and disrupt them to change what’s being shown. Preferably to your own Runner Tag. Learn more

#45 Doing Wallruns

Nothing makes you feel more acrobatic than a skillful Wallrun. Except of course the Double Wallrun, unlocked when you’ve progressed far enough in the game.

#46 Icarus

The competitive, independent Icarus rivals Faith in both skill and cockiness. They both compete for the affection of Noah, and the position as top Runner in the city. Learn more

#47 Find Easter Eggs

This is not a clue - or is it? No, it’s not. Have a good Easter Egg hunt, Runner.

#48 Total Control

Faith’s move set is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. However, perfecting it will take longer. The fluidity of movement, and how your mind, hands, and controller work in unison is key in Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst. Learn more


#49 Rebecca

You’ll come across many different individuals in Glass during the story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. One of them is Rebecca Thane, head of Black November. Rebecca was once an idealist and proponent of social justice, but after losing many friends in the November Riots, she became a woman driven purely by revenge.

#50 Fight the Shock Protectors

Shock Protectors are tough and extremely resistant to direct attacks, but here are some pro tips. Keep moving and use your momentum to attack while traversing the environment. If you get stuck on the ground, shift away from their attacks and counter with a kick from behind. Learn more

#51 Anchor

One of the most affluent areas in Glass and future home of the most opulent shopping center in Cascadia. Anchor is indeed a symbol for the Conglomerate way of life – so you might guess what the Runners think about it. Learn more

#52 Take down the Guardians

Being up against weaker foes can be a nice change of pace. Runners have been dealing with the Guardians of KrugerSec for years and even a relatively new cabal member can take them down. 


#53 Echoes

Echoes are representations of other Runners and their traversal through the city. If you’re taking on a Time Trial, you can see Echoes of other players running and your own Echo will be visible for others. Make sure to customize your own Echo to make it more personal. Learn more about Echoes

#54 Meet an Old Friend

Nomad is no Runner, though he too lives on the rooftops. An outcast by choice and artist by trade, Nomad wages his own little war against the Conglomerate using his spray-cans and sense of humor. He and Faith have been close friends for many years. Learn more

#55 Runner Kits

Runner Kits are bags of in-game content that you can unlock as you advance in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. The kits contain Echo Customizations and new layers for your Runner Tag, giving you even more personalization options for your profile. Progress in the game and complete various achievements and trials to collect these kits.

#56 Meet Plastic

The identity of the finest coder in Glass is initially a mystery to Faith. Though Plastic is not the most sociable person around, this new friend will be a true asset to the Runners.


#57 …and Kuma, of course

Kuma is one of Plastic's ambitious pet projects. This small robot with an evolving AI core has been constructed over several years, but is still a handful due to his unpredictable, somewhat psychotic personality.

#58 Do Pipe Swings

The elegant way of keeping momentum when making sharp turns. Master the Pipe Swing and you will feel like a master Runner.

Runner's Vision

#59 Runner’s Vision

Follow the red. Activated by you or a mission, Runner’s Vision is there to give you a push in the right direction by highlighting objects in front of you. (Hardcore Runners need not worry - Runner’s Vision can be turned off.) Learn more

#60 Admire The View

There’s a risk you might lose momentum running in the district of Ocean Glass View. A prosperous residential area dedicated to "upwardly mobile" citizens, “The View” is simply stunning. Remember to stay focused, Runner. Learn more

#61 Discover Secret Areas

There’s always more to the city of Glass than meets the eye. Search through every nook and cranny for secret areas – it will be worth it.


#62 Fight the Enforcers

The Enforcers are the special tactics team of KrugerSec, trained in tactical positioning and high damage ranged combat. The Enforcers are however only lightly trained in close quarters fighting. Learn more

#63 Investigate Development Zone G

Rumor has it that a vast tunnel system from the OmniStat days remain below Development Zone G, but these rumors have been vehemently denied by KrugerSec. 


#64 Hitch a Ride with a Drone

Travel in style by using the city’s surveillance systems to your own benefit. You know you want to.

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