Faith was more or less born into the resistance, her parents Martin Connors and Erika Connors being outspoken opponents of the corporate encroachment of the democratic government. They were both leaders of the rapidly growing civil rights-movement which advocated improved working conditions and laws clearly separating business and politics. Their movement had no name, and their leadership was informal, but their anti-violent stance attracted plenty of followers among the increasingly disgruntled population, and while there were those advocating violent measures against the Corporations, Faith’s parents were firmly against it. Peaceful protests and civil disobedience was the way to lasting success they claimed, and people listened.

It all came to a head on a clear November day when almost a million citizens in Glass, the third largest city in Cascadia, gathered for what was to become the grandest peaceful protest to date. The Police had severely underestimated the turn-out and they were heavily reinforced by KrugerSec - the largest private security firm. Nobody knows who ignited the flame, but the day ended in a conflagration of widespread riots. Thousands were injured and hundreds killed, among them Faith’s parents. Faith barely got away, saved by Noah, a friend of her parents. He became a substitute father to her, raising her on the rooftops far above the city and inspiring her, though that wasn't his intent, to become a Runner. He has made sure to keep her out of the conflict between the Black November resistance movement and the Conglomerate, and Faith has adopted his neutral stance into her own.

Wall Jump

Though deeply scarred by her past, and the one murder she committed that same day, Faith has grown to become a self-assured, even cocky, young woman. A thrill-seeker, she runs more for the kick of it than for the money it pays. She cares little for the people below; to her they are willingly misguided fools unable to appreciate true freedom, and she despises the Houses she runs for even more. Living on the rooftops has made her into a neo-nomad and she has no use for material things. She cares only for those close to her: Noah and the small cabal of Runners – some of whom might be rivals, but all part of her extended family. Her memories of her real parents and Caitlyn, her younger sister, are vague at best, and connected to a pain she prefers to avoid. But deep down she knows that her current way of life can’t last, and at one day she will be forced to take a real stand against the Conglomerate. But if so, it’s for tomorrow. Today there’s another obstacle to negotiate, another jump to complete, another run to finish.