Faith does not need a gun to survive the Conglomerate powers within Glass. She will however need to learn how to land a punch and to master different combat techniques in her fight against the oppression.

The DICE team is ready to give you all the best tips you’ll need when suddenly running across the enemies of Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst.

What kind of attacks can Faith use?

- Faith can use two core attack types: light and heavy attacks. However, each type has several different outcomes depending on the contextual environment. When running, the light attack is a way for you to get through the enemy and pass it as fast as possible. It’s not about ending a conflict there and then, but more a way of hurting them and keep moving at the same time. 

- The heavy attack will force your enemies off balance by using your momentum. Instead of moving through an enemy, the advantage of a heavy attack is to make enemies disoriented. 

- Faith’s combat style relies on her using the environment to her advantage by manipulating the “hit and run”-style of the enemies and make them look like fools for not catching up. Since a regular attack to the front won’t do as much damage as a combination of a wall run plus an attack, you should always think about the momentum when you’re in combat. 

How much damage can Faith take?

- Faith might be a heroine, but she’s not a superhero or damage sponge. She feels the same pain as any normal person, but because of her incredible willpower and determination, she will push through the pain. When Faith is out of Stamina however, she is chocked to her core and really hurting.


What is Focus?

- Focus is a state where Faith can’t be hit by enemies. It is earned through maintaining movement and is a core feature of Faith and how she interacts with the world. As Faith runs, she focuses and let things drift away behind her. Faith is just not somebody who runs, she runs over every obstacle and deals with a complex rooftop landscape, using extreme parkour skills to reach her goal. If Faith gets hit in this Focus mode, she loses Focus and not Stamina. She becomes almost invisible, as enemies are not use to seeing, or dealing with, that kind of speed.

Wall Run

Tell me about the third-person takedowns for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst!

- We wanted to include third-person takedowns to let people connect with Faith by reminding them who she is. She is this iconic heroine, but you rarely get to see her because of the first person perspective.

- The takedown is also a finisher that shows up after you’ve beaten the last enemy within a certain area. Other games might have a short theme melody or some other indication that the battle is over. For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst we wanted to create a real cool indication, hence the takedowns. 

How does the new Shift move fit into Faith’s combat arsenal?

- Shift is a burst of acceleration in any direction you choose. It is very useful when you want to quickly gain speed in tight environments or, for example, make a longer jump, turn fast around corners, and keep the movement flowing. You can also use it together with a Quickturn for a rapid 90 or 180 degree turn to make yourself a hard target for your enemies.

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What advantages does the Disruptor bring into combat?

- A lot! The Disruptor is an extension of the way Faith interacts with the Beat. For Faith and the other Runners, The Beat is like an augmented reality layer connected to their own underground network. Faith can see the Beat by using a lens on her eye. By interacting with this tool and with a little help from hackers, Faith can decrypt, encrypt and hack systems to open paths, clear out enemies or pull valuable data. 

- In combat, the Disruptor can be used for an area-of-effect stun. You can for example hack the communication systems and create a disabling sound boom for your enemies that stuns them so you can slip by easier. The Disruptor is charged by kinetic energy, which you gain when you are in focus.


Now you have learned the basics and a few neat tricks to master the combat that awaits in Glass. But the best practice is of course to get your hands dirty and try it out for real. So jump into the fluid combat when Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches – and thanks for reading.

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