Today (June 27th), we are rolling out an update for Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst. Available for PC, this update will tweak the gameplay experience and address some technical issues. These are the major fixes we’ve made:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Update Details

  • Fixed various issues that could cause crashes
  • Fixed/decreased stuttering during the cut scenes for low end dual core hyper threading CPUs
  • Fixed cases where using the disruptor to disable fans could not be done from certain angles 
  • Fixed some issues related to applying video settings
  • Fixed an issue where the timer for various types of missions would be incorrectly displayed
  • Mission screen now shows the personal best time rather than the latest
  • Fragile deliveries, Covert deliveries and Diversions are now listed on the missions screen and can be replayed

Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or feedback on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, head to the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Forums and share it with us.