Runner are always on the move. We realize that you’ll sometimes be away from the world of Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst - i.e. your console or PC. However, there is a way to keep the city of Glass and your game progression with you, wherever you go: the Mirror’s Edge Companion.

Download the Mirror’s Edge Companion

Available on mobile and tablet, the Mirror’s Edge Companion app is tied to your Runner profile and contains a lot of helpful, entertaining features. Producer Amo Mostofi explains:

- The Mirror’s Edge Companion is a real-life version of the Runners’ Beat, where the Runners keep their own information and data on their races and where they’ve been in the city. Players can use the Companion to customize their Runner Profile, track in-game progress, and keep an eye on leaderboards for in game Time Trials and Dashes.


With the app, players can also customize their Runner Tag, which is displayed on hacked billboards, leaderboards, and more. The Runner Tag consists of three layers: the Runner emblem, shape, and background – all unlocked in the game by completing missions and achievements – and in the app you can combine these to your own unique Runner Tag.

The Mirror’s Edge Companion also gives you access to the map of Glass. Here, you can look at what you’ve completed in the city and bookmark a Time Trial your friend has created. These bookmarks will then be waiting for you in the game, making content and competition easy to find.


Speaking of connecting with friends, Amo Mostofi tells about his favorite aspect of the Mirror’s Edge Companion: tracking times and leaderboards.

- I’m quite competitive, so keeping track of my results against my friends from Time Trials and Dashes is great. During the closed beta, one of the developers and I went back and forth with beating each other’s times on one of our Time Trials created in-game. I was always keeping track of who was leading when I wasn’t playing. It’s a great way to foster friendly competition. Who won? In the end, I was the fastest.

The Mirror’s Edge Companion is also a great news source, with news from are available there. So simply launch the app and stay updated with all the latest Mirror’s Edge Catalyst news.

Enjoy the Mirror’s Edge Companion. Remember that you also can explore the 3D Map of Glass on your desktop computer. Visit the 3D Map