On the busy streets of Glass, the corporations of the ruthless Conglomerate rule supreme. Their billboards are seen on almost every building and they serve to fuel the desire and aspirations of the regular citizens, while also adding to the glossy face of the Conglomerate exterior. Behind that exterior lurks a repressive and authoritarian regime, where a perfect mix of fear and envy has turned its citizens into willing participants of their own enslavement.

The Conglomerate consists of thirteen nation-wide Corporate Houses. In this post, you’ll get to know six of the most powerful and influential corporations. Let’s kick off with Kruger Holding.


Kruger Holding 

A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest and most influential corporation within the Conglomerate. A Kruger has occupied the Conglomerate Director Chair for ten out of fourteen Fiscal Years since the Conglomerate’s rise to power, and currently Johanna Kruger is calling the shots. Its main subsidiary KrugerSec handles all security in Cascadia, and its personnel enforce order on the streets and rooftops of the vast, sprawling cities. KrugerSec is led by Gabriel Kruger and has its corporate headquarters in Glass.

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Silvine Systems

Silvine is the premiere software and hardware manufacturer in Cascadia. Their attention to detail and quality quickly propelled them to the top of the market where they proceeded to assimilate all competition. They are involved in several cross-collaboration projects with Kruger Holding and Everdyne Energy and their products range from advanced wearables to surveillance systems, entertainment systems and personal data tablets.


Callaghan Construction Corp

Callaghan Construction Corp, or CC Corp, is the major construction and engineering corporation in Cascadia. Close collaboration with Bryson Motors has seen them make several advances in building techniques, machinery and material. CC Corp is very present in Glass as they are responsible for the massive construction projects that are reshaping the city into a paragon of the Conglomerate ideal.


Maya Media Group

MMG is the premier news and entertainment provider in Cascadia, controlling all major news outlets, sports arenas and entertainment production companies. They are experts at propaganda, manipulation and public pacification, and the other corporations rely on their talent and know-how in their messaging to the public.


Anansi Group

The Anansi Group grew to fill the gaps left by the other major corporations. Starting out as a pure furniture manufacturer the group has since grown to produce and sell everything from tooth picks and diapers to king-size beds. It operates several different retail chains catering to the different employ castes, and being the youngest corporation they are also the most aggressive – and in some way most unorthodox of the Corporate Houses.

As we’ve discussed before, knowing your enemy is key to excelling in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. We hope this post has given you some insight in exactly where you’ll be placing your step, running across the rooftops of corporate concrete.

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