Getting properly prepared for Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst, whether it’s for the Closed Beta or the full game, is easier with advice directly from its makers.

DICE developers Rickard Antroia (Combat Designer) and Linus Josephson, (Designer) know the game inside out and have gathered a hefty list of tips and tricks for you. Read on as they share their strategies for combat, movement, and all other things Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.



  • When it becomes too crowded or you’re down on health – better to run away and come back from another angle with rebuilt Focus.
  • Always be ready to Shift – up to an enemy, away from a strike, or around for a back attack.
  • Shifting as an enemy strikes gives you more time to get away, or to get around to strike from behind – so keep running and use wallruns and springboards to get close.
  • Enforcers can’t shoot you while you’re engaged in melee with others – but they have to be dealt with sooner rather than later.
  • Even the shortest wall can be used for a wallrun, or a quickturn combined with a jump. Try to maximize your use of the environment for your attacks.
  • When you’re at your last critical health you have a moment of invulnerability. Either commit to taking out the enemy you have in front of you to gain more Focus, or run away and start building it up with traversal moves.
  • Attacking from above, ziplines, or swingbars always deal a much higher damage to enemies. When fully upgraded you can take out everyone this way, except the Sentinel.



  • To maximize your distances, remember that you can go farther out from a ledge and longer in a wallrun than you think, before you need to jump.
  • Shift from standing still or from a landing to gain speed again. This saves you precious seconds in a timed mission.
  • If you’re running and are approaching a 90-degree turn, you can turn slightly towards the turn and activate a Sideshift to make a sharper turn. 



  • When you are trying to survive a KrugerSec Alert – remember that you can use traversal and light attacks to flow through enemies and simply go past their encounters.
  • The unlockable movement features will greatly help when trying to beat timed missions.
  • The red thread will give you a path, but not necessarily the fastest path.
  • Getting into a fight during a diversion mission is likely to delay you enough to miss the time.



  • Trouble getting that last star on a Dash? Maybe you need to unlock more movement features to make it.
  • The Disruptor is great to take down those pesky security cameras.

Thanks for reading, Runner – we hope you’ve find these tips enlightening. To see what players are up to in the Closed Beta, head to for videos from the community.